Terms of Service

  1. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to obtain in advance from the celebrant priest, an authorization for the participation of the musicians and for the musical performance of the chosen repertoire;
  2. At the time and location of the event, the musicians will confirm with the priest the repertoire to be performed;
  3. Any change to the repertoire chosen by the bride and groom is liable to change if the celebrant priest suggests it;
  4. The bride and groom will commit in guaranteeing the existence of all necessary conditions for the musical performance, in the event's location, namely in terms of space, electricity supply and lighting;
  5. We reserve the right to replace any of the musicians if there should be reasons of force majeure that prevent their appearance at the ceremony;
  6. The bride and groom commit with the musicians to arrive at the church at the agreed time for the accomplishment of the event;
  7. Delays that compromise the musicians performance in a forthcoming event may result in the non-participation in the ceremony.